Lehr Awning can provide signage for your business using state of the art welded graphics. We are proud to be "certified"
Sunbrella Graphics System manufacturers!

The SGS System applies vinyl graphics to Sunbrella fabrics by means of a heat and vacuum system.

Our custom embroidery machine allows us to embroidery any fabric that can be put into a hoop - t-shirts, sweatshirts, totebags, ball caps, and many other options.

Graphics may be applied to your awnings or other fabric items using a variety of methods:

Custom Embroidery

Vinyl Graphics applied with SGS System

Allows us to individualize your awning with any
unique lettering styles and specialty graphics!



Show off your unique logo!

Back lighting adds nighttime visibility

Create Identity with your Business Name

School Mascot
Vinyl Graphic applied
with SGS system

Hand Painted Graphics

Add your name, logo, address, or phone number!

State Highway Patrol Logo

Company Name and Logo

Name, address, and other key information

Company Logo, Keywords,
and Phone Number

Company Name and Unit Number

Lodge Post Number and Name

Cut-Out Vinyl Lettering

This type of lettering can be applied to vinyl fabrics.

School Team Name

Custom Embroidery

If we can hoop it - we can embroider it - sweat shirts, t-shirts, ball caps, totebags, even toliet paper!

Banner with multi-colored graphics
created using our
SGS Graphics System

Add identity to your business or organization by applying graphics or embroidery to your awning, banner, or other fabric item!



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