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Unique & Unusual

Awning fabrication begins in the weld shop where each awning is custom built from aluminum tubing to fit your specific measurements and needs.

The parts are cut and clamped together.


The frame is welded.

Exterior welds are polished smooth.

Vinyl or acrylic fabric, in your choice of colors, is welded together using our 30 foot cross seamer, ensuring stronger, leak proof seams.

Then, the finished frame is covered.

Commercial Awnings

We custom build extruded aluminum frames and cover them with acrylic or vinyl fabrics using a staple-in seam track system to add durability to your awning. Awnings can be illuminated, decorated, and used as signage.

The addition of an awning to your business offers:

Visit our Commercial Awnings page

See more examples of our
commercial work!

Our Residential page provides many more examples of awnings for your home including patio covers, porch, window and retractable awnings.

Residential Awnings

The addition of an awning over your patio provides:

  • Extra months of enjoyment
  • Shade
  • Shelter from weather
  • Breeze with attached ceiling fans
  • Atmosphere with the use of rope lighting

Unique and Unusual

We do not shy away from building the unusual - we embrace the challenge!

If your situation can be remedied with:

  • Acrylic or vinyl fabrics and
  • Aluminum tubing

Chances are, when no other
pre-manufactured product will do -
we can build it!

Visit our Unique and Unusual Awnings page
This stage is 2' deep, 12' high, and
over 50' long.

Take a look at more Unique and Unusual examples of our talented staff's work!

Let us help you dress up your houseboat by covering the railings with canvas or by adding rope lighting or a canvas valance.

Houseboat Party Top Awnings

Give your houseboat a facelift!

The addition of a party top will provide:

  • Shade
  • More usable space
  • A fantastic entertainment area
  • Protection from the weather

Party Tops are custom built to your length specifications!

Simply call us with the answers to these three questions and we will provide you with a price quote for your new party top:

  1. What is the make of your houseboat (the brand name)?
  2. Is it a widebody or does it have a walkway?
  3. What is the width of your houseboat in feet?


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