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Raised Dog/Pet Beds

Our dog beds are made in four sizes and covered in mesh or coolaroo which promotes airflow and comfort. They are very easy to clean and maintain and can be used indoors and outdoors. They keep the pet off of the cold floor or ground and are low enough for elderly dogs. The beds are made so you can adjust the tension. Replacement covers and parts are available. The bed covers are made in the USA (Mansfield, Ohio).

Available Sizes
Small 21"x21"
Medium 21"x40"
Large 26"x36"
Extra Large 36"x51"

Kennel Covers

Our Kennel Covers are made so you can raise any of the four sides up. Covers are available in four sizes and many different colors.

Dog Leashes

Dog leashes are made of rope or webbing and are available in a variety of lengths.


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