Unique and Unusual

Bus Garage Awning with Attached Curtain

Allows school to park longer buses in the garage and close the curtain around the back of the bus to close off the draft from the outside.

Football Stadium Entrance

Aluminum tubing, sheet metal, and paint were combined to create a spectacular entrance to this football field.

Outdoor Pool Shower

This unique outdoor, enclosed area allows the family to shower off before or after using the swimming pool.


Stage Backdrop

This stage was built for a golf course to use for their award ceremonies, following golf tournaments.



The removable cover on this awning provides shelter from the sun and rain during the spring and summer months.

RV Canopy

A unique shelter for your recreational vehichle protects it from the elements.

Fountain Cover

This unique cover provides shelter for the town water fountain during the winter months. Air vents have been sewn into the fabric to prevent condensation from accumulating on the inside.

Lighted Car Wash Island

This awning is made from a vinyl fabric that lets the light to shine through, which allows customers to use the facility during the evening hours.

Tow Motor Shelter

With the addition of vinyl doors and windows, these tow motors now provide shelter to the driver during inclement weather. These doors snap off for use in the warmer months.



Cardboard Scrap Collector

This cardboard manufacturer must shut down production if their scrap exit ducts become plugged. This device collects the excess scrap and allows them to continue running production while they clear the clog.

Basement Door Entrance

This awning appears to disappear as it reaches the building, providing shelter for the outside basement door entrance.

Handicap Entrance Ramp Cover

This awning has attached sidewalls which provide shelter from the weather for this handicap entrance into the home.

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