Fabric Welding Services

Several types of custom welding options are available depending on the use of the product, including hot air welding, hot wedge welding, impulse welding, and ultra-sonic cutting.

These services are available to individual and commercial customers as well as other companies who are in the awning industry.

Several types of welding, such as with a hem and rope or overlap seams, can be done. Custom stripes can be made by welding material together. We can weld fabric to vinyl or to mesh. We are the only company in the area that utilizes a 112 Cross Seamer (30 ft.) with an ultra-sonic cutter. We also operate a 300 Extreme for hot air and wedge welding.

Marine Products

Our marine products are designed to protect your boat and keep it free from dings and scratches. We have boat bumpers, dock rope, buoys, and lacing rope.

Boat Bumpers are custom made to match the fabric on your boat with tie rope. They are constructed with closed-cell, non-absorbent foam and come in any color.

Side Rail Bumpers are made with webbing and ski buckles. They have no metal on them to scratch the boat.

Dock Rail Bumpers are made with grommets so they can be permanently attached to the dock. Dock rope is available in any size or length with optional eyes sewn in.

Car and Boat Mats

Our PVC Moisture Barrier Mats help to keep your recreational vehicles and boats rust-free and looking great! We make mats for RVs, motorcycles, vehicles, and boats.

Our moisture barrier mats are made of PVC vinyl and help to keep moisture from rusting out your boat, RV, motorcycle and/or vehichle frames and body. In addition to wicking moisture, the mats catch and hold mud, oil, water and grime, keeping your garage cleaner. They have flat seems and a welded pocket in them for a 3/4″ plastic pipe. We also make 15″ wide runners. Moisture mats work on any type of floor.

2 Standard Sizes:
9′ 4″ x 20′
58″ x 10′

Add two 15″ wide runners:
15″ x 9′ 6″ (Small)
15″ x 19′ 6″ (Large)

Or let us know your custom size!

Storage bag included.

Yellow Film Curtain

Yellow film curtains are perfect for flash welding and food services as a contaminant barrier. They are custom made to any size you need.

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